Harrow Art Society ~ Exhibitions

H.A.S. Spring Summer Exhibition 14th – 28th March 2020

White Gallery and Hallways of Harrow Art Centre


Categorised by the heading ‘Vibrancy’, this year was one of the best years I can remember for colourful and engaging artwork filling the White Gallery and three of the corridor walls with colourful ‘Vibrant’ and exciting pictures.


Exhibition Launch Event


Jonathan and Humay hosted the event joined by others from the Committee and about twenty plus non-committee members also joined us for the get together, enjoying a chat and a glass of wine. Jonathan awarded the Ian Wright Memorial Award for Graphic Art (Drawing) to Antonella Sands for her fantastic pencil and graphite drawing ‘Four Seasons’.


The award was designed and made in glass by our President Cheryl to present on an annual basis. This award was to honour our loyal and dedicated life member Ian who truly loved the medium.



Meetings were taking place at the Harrow Art Centre between their Management and the Council who had decided by Tuesday that the exhibition and the centre was to be closed


In spite of the short time that the exhibition was open many pieces of artwork was sold, some cards and some items from the Browsers too.


Thank you members for all your time and energy in producing great works.


We originally decided to post as many pictures that we could of your exhibition paintings in the Magazine but due to the need for so many pages it became an impossible size to print and would take up too much space online. 


We wanted to produce an online version, both on our Facebook page and on our Website, hoping that you would take this opportunity to share with friends and colleagues, fellow Artists and people you know, guiding them to our Facebook page and our Website. By doing this you are gaining an opportunity to share your artwork with a wider audience and also bring the Harrow Art Society to the attention of non-members and others who might take the opportunity to learn more about us and about our members.  


After consideration and discussions, I produced a video of one or two exhibition artworks from exhibitors that we could reach online, sorry if you were missed. The video is now on YouTube with links on our Facebook Page and has been uploaded to our website Exhibition page for you all to view and share at http://www.harrowartsociety.co.uk.


Hope you enjoy this experience. Angela Saunders.