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We have had many interesting zoom demos. over the last few months, from artists with varied skills-including monoprinting by Ann Burnham, which was held last Saturday 22nd May.

On the 24th April Ashima Kumar showed us how to draw and paint-mindfully, we even had to draw with our eyes closed! That produced some interesting results!

Mary-Anne Bartlett from Art Safari holidays demonstrated watercolour painting in the Himalayas on the 10th April.

Angela Saunders showed us 'How to Lose lockdown lethargy using art, with 4 short story artworks, on the 27th March.

Clifford, Melody, and Bethany White demonstrated how to use media for your art on the 13th March.

President Cheryl Gould invited us to join her in a life drawing session with model Valentina, complete with a french accordion musical background entertainment. That was on the 6th March.

On the 8th May Laura Reiter showed us how to simplify and create landscapes with organic shapes, producing abstract landscapes.

It's been a very interesting 6 months of zoom art entertainment, but I'm sure we're all looking forward to having REAL meetings, in the flesh, so to speak, as we've been deprived of the living arty company of friends with whom to share our passion.

Photos of lockdown art will follow shortly.

Harrow Art Society is looking forward to our annual cream tea on the 3rd July-praying that the sun shines, and the virus has departed and left us in peace.

After that we have the go ahead for our annual exhibition, held from the 9th-23rd July (the dates have had to be changed a few times) to which I'm sure we're all looking forward very much.

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